Miley Cyrus unleashes “We Can’t Stop”


Miley Cyrus’ growth cannot be stopped. The young star signalled a clear change in direction personally and artistically with her 2010 release “Can’t Be Tamed”. Much hype have surrounded Miley and what she will do next, now she has finally unleashed her new single “We Can’t Stop” perfectly entwined with her new ‘do and obvious style evolution.

Think “Party In The USA” transformed into a hand in the air, radio friendly R&B party anthem. A perfect summer tune, just in time for the American and European summer parties to start pumping! The single, whilst minimalistic, packs a punch with catchy beats and sonic synths, roughed up with distorted vocals that perfectly compliment Miley’s own. Maxim’s sexiest woman alive sings risqué lyrics, adding that touch of raunch and sass she has played with so well lately;

“Everyone in line in the bathroom
trying to get a line in the bathroom”

“We run things, things don’t run we
We don’t take nothing from nobody” (love these two lines of the track, definite singalong lines right there)

What Miley has done so well with this transitional track is that she hasn’t tried too hard or pushed the boundaries to the point where she’s trying to grow up too quickly and in turn outgrow her market way too fast (*cough* Justin Bieber – Boyfriend). Instead, the track feels like she’s growing up WITH her market and cleverly finding her way into new audiences, whilst keeping her core fans satisfied.

This one will be an easy hit for Miley and her producer Mike Will. The track has already gone straight to #1 on iTunes. Not going to lie, I was a hater of this track at first, but after listening to a few more times, it quickly became an on repeat track. At the end of the day, Miley is in the process of growing up and reinventing herself, and this song is a good step in the right direction. Definitely one for the pre-drinks, house parties and absolutely for the #YOLO generation.

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