Top 5 on Krissy’s Repeat

A quick look at my Top 5 tunes currently on high rotation everyday.

Get Lucky – Daft Punk feat. Pharrel

From the first time I heard it it was an instant favourite. A bit of disco and retro with smooth like honey vocals by Pharrel… you just know this is going to go down as the duo’s biggest hit to date overtaking “One More Time” in no time. This song is an all day long jam! and sure to be THE summer song of the Northern Hemisphere #DOWNLOAD

Treasure – Bruno Mars

Another disco-esque retro pop gem for the man on fire, Following up his #1 singles “Lock Out Of Heaven” and “When I Was Your Man” is this feel good tune from his stellar album “Unorthodox Jukebox” a definite club hit, but if you find yourself finding it hard to get the day started or hit a wall during the day at work… play this song, full blast and you’re sure to be back on track. #LISTEN

#Beautiful – Mariah Carey feat. Miguel

My morning song, my end of the day song, my candle light bath song, my birthday song, my make out song, my “Hey honey, how was work? I cooked dinner” song… just all over my favourite song at the moment and #1 most played song according to my mobile phone. Its fresh, its flirty, its savvy, its nice, the vocal arrangement is seductive and its just right! Mariah gets it so right with a little help from R&B’s sexiest vocalists at the moment, Miguel. A touch of 90’s and retro Mowtown on R&B never hurt nobody. #DOWNLOAD

Lose To Win – Fantasia

First time I heard this song was while I was watching American Idol, her rendition made me yell at the T.V. “Sing it, Girl!!!” and I downloaded it straight away. One of those sad yet optimistic lyrics, Fantasia has never sounded stronger than this moment right here. You can tell that she’s gone through what she is singing about, career wise or personal is the debate, I say who cares; she brings in soulful, gritty, strong, mature vocals to compliment the great production. #WATCHANDLISTEN

Clouds – Zack Sobiech

How this wasn’t a hit before the tragic passing of this bright young man I have no idea. The track is suiting, calming and quirky. With very simple production, which includes a very nice, cute touch of xylophone and acoustic guitar the songs real beauty is in the vocals and lyrics. It’s as if the singer was singing the song about his inevitable passing to comfort his loved ones for many years to come. #WATCH #DOWNLOAD

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