Icona Pop Making Pop Go Rock All Night



Icona Pop releases their follow up single to smashin hit “I Love It”…how does it fair in comparison?… Think Icona Pop with a drizzle of Empire of the Sun and voila, you’ve got their new offering “All Night”. The electro-pop duo delivers yet another festival-sized rave anthem with their new single; its got their signature chants, sing-a-long lyrics and radio friendly, fun, upbeat production which would make generations apart from #YOLO want to dance and let their hair down on the dance floor. “All Night” definitely has hands in the air, fist pumping, TGIF song potential.

With their recent success all around the globe I wonder if Future Entertainment will be bringing this dance duo down under to one of their festivals in Summer??? Sure would be fun to get cranked and drank and party to their dance anthems at a festival! #DOWNLOAD

Expect both “All Night” and “I Love It” to be included in their upcoming album “This Is…” to be released this September.

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