Cher Covers Miley Cyrus

cherBefore there was Kylie, before Britney hit it big time, before Lady Gaga was born… there was Cher.

Cher releases the lyric video for “I Hope You Find It” the second single off her new album “Closer To The Truth”, her first in 12 years.

Core fans and Oxford Street, Sydney #REJOICE, not only is it a Miley Cyrus cover its also a return to (dare I say the “O” word) olden time Cher big ballads. Think “After All”, think “Heart of Stone”, think “Jesse James”.. the climatic arrangement, the great story telling and off course… those notes. Yes, Cher one of Hollywood’s true survivors is still around and she still refuses to leave.

Note to current “pop stars” and wannabe Divas this is how you do a ballad. Controlled vocals to compliment your vocal capabilities, organic arrangements and a whole lot of tapping into life experiences and emotions to add a relatable feel to it.

Curious about the album? I say “Red”, “My Love” & “Dressed To Kill” (though both ends too briefly) are passable dance tracks and slower numbers like “Sirens”, “Favourite Scars” and “I Hope You Find It” ain’t so bad either. What a shame that the final mix of the now leaked song “The Greatest Thing” featuring Lady Gaga was not included and is now lost in music oblivion.Β #checkitout

Check Out “I Hope You Find It”


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