Beautiful : Jessica Mauboy


Australia’s reigning songbird princess, Jessica Mauboy releases her new album “Beautiful” this week. The girl who once had nothing but shear passion, determination and talent has blossomed into a Beautiful young woman well on her way to having everything. She’s certainly come along way since blowing everyone away with her rendition of “I Have Nothing” during her audition.

Jessica earlier hinted on a change of direction regarding her music with the lead up single “To The End Of The Earth” a dance-pop minor hit which was then quickly followed up by second single “Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up)” another dance infused pop number. With her last album being full of hits and misses, does her new album live up to her incredible talent this time or has her record label got it not so right again? Here is a track – by – track breakdown of the album.

Beautiful : No messing about with the album opener, listeners are treated to a bouncy track to get the “Beautiful” journey started. Some say she’s Australia’s answer to Beyonce…but I’m thinking this is Jessica’s Donna Summer era and tracks like this proves just that. With a national tour coming up I can definitely see the arena sized crowds jumping, dancing, singing a long and having a good time with this one.

Kiss Me Hello : Likeable guitar strums check, cute lyrics check, Mauboy’s lower, fuller registers check. Jessica sings of taking a risk with a second shot at love with an ex beau. A nice album filler which could’ve done without the fastening of these two key lines in the chorus, Download or Spotify the song and you’ll know what I mean.

“Why does it have to be over

When you can just pull me closer”

Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up) : The Northern Hemisphere may be saying adios to Summer, but us Aussies are just beginning to show the rest of the world the true meaning of Summer. In comes this party season intended single, a pop number that is catchy and radio friendly it’s just debuted at #2 on the Official Aria Charts. Wouldn’t be surprised if it takes the top spot in coming weeks.

I Believe : A light at the end of the tunnel kind of song, the songstress sings of making it through the hurt and the pain as she always does. Though some may relate with this song in a break-up point of view, to me it sounds like Ms Mauboy is singing her heart out about the struggles she’s had to face in this tough industry and always believing she can do it despite set-backs aka…being put into girl group The Young Divas before being given the chance to be a solo artist. The more I listen to this song the more I like it…A LOT.

Never Be the Same : With many young boys and girls looking up to Jessica Mauboy as an inspirational role model, its good to see and hear her singing a wake-up call kind of song. A must listen and download from this album for more reasons than one. #DOWNLOAD

“When you’re standing there all alone, 
Losing everything you’ve ever known, 
You’re staring at a different face things are never gonna be the same,”

In Love Again : Vocally, lyrically and production wise this ballad is easily the beauty within the album. Gorgeous, soft, whispery, soulful, vulnerable vocals and simple, elegant production which compliments rather than overtake her beautiful voice brings to ears. Its reminiscent of earlier work from her critically and commercially successful first album. #DOWNLOAD

Honest : Another song where the production team gets it so right in regards to blending the arrangements with her voice nicely and evenly. We see her be the girl who’s pleading to her beau to open up and be honest. A very nice song which pleases the ears every time I listen to it.

“It’s what I can’t understand; you’ve had my heart there in your hands,
All this time that’s gone by, you’ve still got secrets that you hide..”

I’ll Be There : Oh hey there sexy gal! Forget about Beyonce… Jessica taps her inner Ciara and Kelly Rowland in this slow, bouncy track. Its Jessica at her Urban best! Think Ciara’s Body Party and Kelly Rowland’s Motivation mashed up into one with a touch of Jessica Mauboy…BAM! A song fitting for numerous moments in life.

1. When you ladies are getting ready for a night out, booty call or a date

2. Bath time with candle lights

3. Gettin yo groove on in an R&B club….or your place.

Go (I Don’t Need You) : Another Urban track, this one is about a cheating partner…Ouch. 

Heartbreak Party: After the break comes the inevitable crazy night out….this is song is about that. The album could’ve probably done without this filler.

Barriers : A pop number about breaking the barriers you’ve built around you in able to let someone into your soul completely. this would’ve flowed nicely with the second half of the album had it not been for “Heartbreak Party”.

To the End of the Earth : Jessica’s first full blast foray into the dance world, a risky yet commendable first single which didn’t quite take off the way a lead single should. There’s a sense of mystery in this song and I like it, Summer playlist inclusion.

Kick Up Your Heels (feat. Pitbull) : The album closes with a playful pop number that could’ve easily been slotted into The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Mr Worldwide, Pitbull makes a cameo in this track. Probably not the best choice to close the set as “To The End of the Earth” would’ve been perfect for that honour.

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