Shot At The Night : The Killers


The Killers are back to celebrate a decade of success since having their very first London show. To mark this momentous occasion they released a new single and an accompanying music video.

The single is “Shot At The Night” a song which is heavily influenced by the eighties pop-rock ballads. Reminiscent of 80’s hit “Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now” this song packs some strong, robust vocals from hunk-a-spunk front man, Brandon Flowers his voice blends in well with the glittery synths and takes off to the sky with the stadium sing-a-long chorus. The song has been unleashed as the band gears up for a November 11 release of “Direct Hits” yep! you guessed it…all their Greatest Hits in the one album #boom

Like the song, love the video even more. Its so rare nowadays that a music video actually captures the spirit of the song its been made for. Love the story line, love the art direction #download #watch

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