Animals : Martin Garrix – Weekend Party Tune


Just came across an awesome going out clubbing and/or fist pumping in the air at a festival tune “Animals” an instrumental EDM track by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix…..ummmmmm amazing, EDM at its best! Can-not-comprehend that this DJ is only 17 years old… The youngest ever person to hit the coveted #1 position in Beatport’s main chart, he apparently decided to start making electronic music when he saw Tiesto play at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, he was eight years old! Generation YOLO take note.. this is the definition of you only live once not “lets be careless and do whatever stupid thing comes to mind”

Welcome to my Summer playlist, Martin and please oh please make an extended version. Though I love the “leave the listener wanting more” effect…I just want to keep dancing/listening to this track a wee bit longer than its running time.

Good choice in booking this guy for Future Music Festival ladies and gents of Future Entertainment, I know who I’ll be looking for after a few Vodkas for a boogie. #checkitout

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