Lady Gaga : Venus


Mother Monster is on a roll with good music and this week sees her launch single number 3 from her soon to be released album ARTPOP.  Gaga wastes no time picking up the phase from last weeks release of R.Kelly assited “Do What U Want” with her new single “Venus” and boy is it a thumping throw-back to the 80’s music or what?!

“Venus” grabs attention with heavy thumping bass right from the beginning and sonic production. Mark – my – words this track is made for the dance floor and your hips will be swinging side to side while you sing-a-long with the chorus as you wave your hands in the air. Its forward, its different, its danceable, you can sing to it, its fun with just the right amount of crazy only Lady Gaga can come out with and there is nothing quite like it out there at the moment. Lets hope radio embraces this pop-forward track…excuse me while I add this to my Gym, Morning and Party playlists. #onrepeat #download #checkitout 

Memorable line :

“Don’t you know my ass is famous?”

Best sing-a-long lines:

“When you touch me I die
Just a little inside
I wonder if this could be love
This could be love
Cuz you’re out of this world
Galaxy space and time
I wonder if this could be love

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