Britney Spears Gets Personal In New Single “Perfume”


Britney Jean Spears has a new single out and its a personal one… First there was “Lucky” then there was “Everytime” now comes “Perfume” which sees Ms Spears dig deeper than ever before and pull on some heartstrings in a song co-written by the pop princess herself with Sia and producer Will.I.Am. Though Britney’s vocal performance is average as expected. The emotional input from her is felt all throughout the mid-tempo ballad and the territorial lyrics about insecurities which every now and then arise in relationships, are quite simple yet clever. You’ve got to feel for this girl, she may have come a long way to become a global superstar and money may be fabulous… but it seems as though, Britney is still the girl haunted by personal insecurities of affection and security  just as she was during the “Lucky” era a decade ago.

“So I, wait for you to call
And I try to act natural
have you been thinking ’bout her or about me
And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you
I gotta mark my territory”

“…I’ll never tell, tell on myself but I hope she smells your perfume
I hide it well, hope you can’t tell but I hope she smells my perfume…”

This may not go down as one of her most memorable or biggest hits but it still stands as one of her best musical moments to date. #checkitout #onrepeat

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