Mariah Carey : The Art Of Letting Go


Mariah Carey unloads some emotional baggage and premieres “The Art Of Letting Go” the official second single from her upcoming album of the same title. Using the power of Social Media, Ms Carey released the song via her official Facebook page (fashionably late – of course). If the single is any indication of whats to come from her new album…Mimi sounds like she’s making music on her own terms and no one else’s; a little bit more relaxed, comfortable and confident of the direction she wants to drive her music career towards.

Love the mixture of classical arrangements and sparse throwback productions…her gospel tinged vocals, undeniably still a million girls’ dream to be able to come close to. However, when the melodies and modern lyrics come into play together… that’s when things get a tad risky and unconventional. Though the timing is perfect for a big ballad to hit the market coming into the Holiday Season, its going to be interesting to see how the radio, critics and fans react to Mariah’s latest effort. Time will tell if the track is a grower as the Diva herself would say in American Idol..”It’s risqué, Dahling!!!”. What do you guys think? updated version of Vision of Love? #checkitout #gotdamnthosevocals 

“Letting go, letting go ain’t easy, no it’s just exceedingly hurtful.

Cause somebody you used to know, is flinging your world around and they watch as you’re falling down.”

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