Lady Gaga : The Best Of ARTPOP

artpop-ladygaga-lifeunderaluckystarLady Gaga – Mother of all Monsters around the globe drops her much hyped third album “ARTPOP” and we pick the best of the lot. So don’t worry about downloading the whole album, get rid 0f the fillers – checkout the tracks worth listening to and downloading.

Though there’s been some harsh critics out there lashing at this project, you’ve still got to give kudos to it and the artist behind it for the work that’s been put in. Every song – filler or not has been carefully constracted not sound quite like what is out there at the moment. At times the album does get a bit too mashed up, crazy, all over the place and too self endulgent, but when she gets it right, shes gets it damn right. We have to remember that we’re listening to an artist who is not trying to fit in…rather the complete opposite, she only follows her own formula and no one else’s. Gaga more than ever mashes up different genres of music such as Rock, Pop, R&B and Dance and infuses it with a touch of her favourite artists like Madonna, David Bowie, Prince and Cher heck you even hear a touch of Elton John somewhere in the mix.

Aura : The Fame Monster had “Alejandro” and Born This Way had “Americano” now comes “Aura” of ARTPOP the song begins with latin influences before it quickly breaksdown into a thumping dance track . The type of an EDM track you would hear in huge clubs playing at around 12:30 – 1 am and the smoke machines along with laser lights go off.

Venus : Like I said in my review a couple of weeks ago, this 80’s disco inspired track grabs attention with heavy thumping bass right from the beginning and sonic production. The first track Gaga has produced herself is made for the dance floor and your hips will be swinging side to side while you sing-a-long with the chorus as you wave your hands in the air. Its forward, its different, its danceable, you can sing to it, its fun with just the right amount of crazy only Lady Gaga can come out with and there is nothing quite like it out there at the moment.

Sexxx Dreams : Reminiscent of works from Prince and Madonna. Gaga gets cute and uber sexual with her vocals and lyrics.

G.U.Y (Girl Under You) : An updated version of LoveGame, While Venus and Sexxx Dreams takes listeners to different realms of the Universe…Gaga brings us back to Earth with this song…her offering to Himeros Greek God of Sexual Desire. Needless to say its another sexualised pop song.

Fashion! : Produced by Will.I.Am this track is self indulgent, yes. But the great EDM bedding is undeniable, kind of reminds me of Avicii’s work. How did Lady Gaga and Avicii not cross paths and work together in the studio?

Do What U Want : Another pop gem reminiscent of Gaga’s earlier work from her debut album “The Fame” Lady Gaga’s slap on media’s face is aided by the ever smooth sounding R.Kelly. This collab is winner!

Dope : Just like artists such as Mariah Carey and Robin Thicke have that one all out ballad where they let rip everything their vocals can give. Lady Gaga normally has one big ballad from each album to show off those pipes..think “Speechless” (Fame Monster) and “You and I” (Bord This Way) for this album, its “Dope” produced by Rick Rubin, its just the Lady and the piano in this stripped down ballad. Her heart aches and pains in this song and the results are brilliant…if ARTPOP was a musical this would be the show stopper moment. Bravo.

Gypsy : Pop Gem, Disco Anthem, Radio Hit, New Years Eve Anthem, Gay anthem and the list goes on. In an album full of gimmicks and tricks this song stands out by miles away. Catchy hook tick, easy sing-a-long melodies and lyrics tick this track reminds us what amazing pop gems Gaga can produce when she keeps it simple, straight forward and not trying (dare I say) too hard to be different. Because lets face it, apart from Adele who out of the young crop of pop phenomenons are actually close to her talents and visions. Some critics have been brutal on this album, if they are any indication of how this album will perform then “Gypsy” will be its saving grace…think “Irreplaceable” and how it salvaged Beyonce’s B’Day album. One thing needs to be mentioned about this brilliant pop track though – it sounds like it should’ve been given to Cher, the vocal arrangements, the production, the whole spirit and theme of the song just megaphone screams out Cher. Boy! what a comeback she would’ve had with this song, bigger than “Believe” I tell you now. I mean with lines like “Like Dorothy on a yellow brick..Hope my ruby shoes get me there quick”  Cher mother of all gays should’ve sung those lines, right?

Applause : I laughed when I first heard this song, who else would claim they live for the applause? only the Gaga. While some fans were a bit funny about the lead single because “it sounds the same as so many of her other song” I think it’s a really good track. I was actually suprised it didn’t perform better against “Roar” by pop rival Katy Perry.

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