Introducing : A Great Big World

Welcome to a new portion of my blog  – “Introducing” where I will be introducing new and/or lesser known artists and their new music. This is very exciting for me as at the end of the day, I see myself working behind the scenes and building artists careers worldwide a la Clive Davies, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. I hope you enjoy the artists I will be uncovering for my blog and introducing them into mainstream!

The first of my “Introducing” installment is a two men group from America called  A Great Big World who mainly make piano driven positive pop songs.

great big world-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos


I first came across their music earlier this year. It was May and I was looking for birthday songs (Mariah’s #Beautiful feat. Miguel won that title this year) and that’s when I came across this song… A fun, joyful, pop tune full of positive vibes everywhere about new beginnings. Sometimes it really does boggle me why people, especially kids would want to be listening to songs about dying young or songs like “What The Fox Say” instead of songs like this?

“Speak louder than the words before you,
And give them meaning no one else has found.
The role we play is so important,
We are the voices of the underground”

I came across their music once again when I watched a YouTube clip of So You Think You Can Dance – it was the finals and the pairing of Amy and Robert blew everyone away with their contemporary performance to this song…

I thought Amy was a strong, fluid dancer and the song was incredible! However for some reason (I blame it on having to board a flight and then falling asleep as soon as I boarded) I forgot about the song and didn’t download it.

Later on.. I came across Chritina Aguilera’s new song with a group, curious to see if she had a hit on her hands I checked the song out and I was pleasantly suprised to 1. Come across the song and group again 2. To hear Christina with very controlled, soft and nice vocals. Which do you think is a better version?

While “There Is An Answer” is perfecto for those long walks you have when its just you, your music and your thoughts.

Oh and lets not forget their hilarious tongue in cheek.. Pro – LGBT song

This group is a refreshing change from every other new artists out there in the market and radio should start taking notice. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel.



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