Britney Spears : The Best of Britney Jean


Fifteen years since “Baby One More Time…” hit number one worldwide and Britney  Spears became a household name. A slew of hits and controversies later we arrive at album number 8 for Ms Spears, which according to the pop princess herself, is her most personal to date. Employing some of EDM’s heavy weights  such as William Orbit, Will.I.Am, David Guetta, Nicky Romero and Diplo just to name a few, Britney delivers some of the best cuts she’s ever delivered and an album where you can actually (shock-horror) hear Britney Spears sing! not only that, but she also sings songs she co-wrote.

Before we get into the tracks worth listening to lets get one thing straight, this album does not seem like a very personal insight into one of pop musics Godesses. Sure a number of songs gives us, the listeners a peek into her personal life, but the album as a whole is more of an experimental transition into the next phase of Britney’s career.

Alien : Probably the best track in the album as a whole. The vocal arrangement compliments Britney’s tone and William Orbit’s production is simple, catchy and engaging. Spears sings of her lonely and isolated travels into dark places trying to find her place in this world, not to worry she finds light in someone’s eyes which doesn’t quite take her home, but gives her enough comfort not to feel alone anymore. #download

“There was a time I was one of a kind lost in the world out of me myself and I
Was lonely then like an alien
I tried but I never figured it out
Why I always felt like a stranger in a crowd
Ooh that was then like an alien”

Work Bitch : Though its a big phat dance track, I still think this track is one of her best tracks…ever and although people laugh at me when i say I like the message of this song. I think its because they’re missing the point. To me this song is about Britney telling the young, lazy YOLO generation out there that things just don’t happen,you need to work hard at it long after you’ve achieved what it is you set out to do so that you can remain on top of the game. On a much simpler scale of critiquicking this song – Best gym song. #download

Perfume : The pop princess shares a piece of her heart and an insight into the insecurities which plague her soul. One of her best musical moments ever. #checkitout

It Should Be Easy : This track drops bass more than Work Bitch and although the production is a tad out dated at times, I’d still  love to dance to this at a festival just as the sun is setting. 

Til Its Gone : Britney, Britney, Brit Brit.. you just get everything working for you in this track. Proof why the pop princess has been ruling the club bangers arena in recent times. This is the best dance track and one of the stand outs in “Britney Jean“. It would be a crime not to make this a single. #download

Passenger : The most aggressive Britney has been with her vocals sing it girl! the song was co-written by Katy Perry and paints a story of a girl letting go, living and trusting in someone to take her for a life ride. A lot of people are saying that this is the best mid-tempo song in “Britney Jean” however I’d have to disagree and put it behind Alien and Perfume. Note to listeners… if you don’t like it at first give it some time and a few more listens as it grows on you. #checkitout

“I’ll let you lead the way now
Cause I want you to take the wheel
I’ve never been a passenger though
I never knew how good it could feel 
The road will twist and turn but
I know that I am in good hands”

Don’t Cry : A song about a realtionship on its last legs, reminiscent of Britney slower songs in her “Oops I Did It Again…” album. Ladies and gays…trust when I say this, you will be able to relate to this like there is no tomorrow. Next time you’re in the hellic first few days of a break-up or seriously contemplating ending a relationship – get a bottle of wine and listen to this song for some emotional release. I particularly like the lines “Pack my bags, can’t take no more/Adios, I’m out the door..” #oooouccccchhhhhh

“This is gonna be our last goodbye
Our love is gone, but I’ll survive
Hide my tears and dry my eyes
You don’t need to see me cry
Pack my bags, can’t take no more
Adios, I’m out the door
Hide your tears and dry your eyes
‘Cause I don’t want to see you cry”

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