London Collection: Mens – Xander Zhou

Chinese designer Xander Zhou showcased a charming and elegant scholastic tinged line at the recent London Collections: Men and here are my favourite picks from the show! Especially the first – LOVE.IT.
Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolosXander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos2 Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos3 Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos4 Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos5 Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos6 Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos8 Xander_Zhou_AW14_lcm-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos9

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