Kylie Releases “Into The Blue” Cover Art, Song Leaks


One of the very few artists in the world recognised with just the mention of their first name, Kylie is back and boy – oh – boy is she sounding refreshed or what?! her management team better rush-release this for downloads beacause it – is – breezy freessshhh.

Much to the delight of her ever so loyal and adoring fans all around the world the pop superstar’s new single “Into The Blue” has been leaked ahead of its January 27 release date. Written by Kelly Sheehan who has penned songs for the likes of Beyoncé, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, Karmin and Rita Ora including one of my favourite pop songs of the last few years…“How We Do (Party)”. With 25 years (and counting) in the business, Kylie has a lot of experiences to pull inspiration from as she sings of a persons journey as they take the first steps into letting go of the past and embracing lessons learnt from rough patches.

To me this song is about those moments when you say to yourself “I Got This” no matter how bad the circustances were of the past what matters is you did it, you got through it, you made it and you’re here, still. It’s about rejoicing and accepting… Life.

“I’m not ashamed of all my mistakes
Cause through the cold I still kept the fire burning
These memories that I can’t erase
Always remind me I’m on an endless journey”

Kylie fans rejoice as this is a sure-fire return to form hit from the pop royalty. Love this song can’t wait to see what the album sounds like. #checkitout #highrotation #download


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