Ay Dios Mio! Enrique Iglesias releases rowdy video for “I’m A Freak”


Ay Dios Mio! Latino heart-throb Enrique Iglesias has released the music video for his latest single “I’m A Freak” and its a house party full of scantily clad women’s derrière. There’s twerking, there’s shaking tail feathers, there’s girls in lingerie and bikinis playing beer-pong, pouring drinks in each others mouths, licking chocolate and whip cream off each other and more! At the centre of it all is the ever so cheeky Enrique singing, while resting and tapping a girls derrière. Oh and rapper Pittbull gets a piece of the action too. The video is a combination of “Blurred Lines” and “We Can’t Stop” with a bit of Enrique flavour. I do wonder though, why a teenage frat-like party kind of video? I mean how old are these men again? Anyone underage…I don’t care about this YOLO crap, you should not be watching this. 

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