Christian Dior – Paris Fashion Week

Loved these looks from the recent Dior collection in Paris Fashion Week – The shapes, the silks, the cuts, the colours… what a nicely rounded ultra feminine collection sprinkled with a dash of masculinity most evident in the lace corseted tailored coats and jackets. I can’t hardly wait for the day unisex fashion is in full swing all and easily accessible around the world including Australia. Well done,Β Raf Simons.

christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw9 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw10 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw11 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw15 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw16 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw20 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw21 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw22 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw23 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw24 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw25 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw28 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw29 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw30 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw32 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw35 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw36 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw39 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw40 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw41 christian-dior-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw42

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