Taylor Henderson : When You Were Mine

taylor-henderson-when-you-were-mine-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos I fell in love with a song few nights ago while I was in a passenger seat driving across the Harbour Bridge as the pleasant early evening breeze was blowing on my face and hair. I randomly turned the radio on, which I seldomly do nowadays…and a nice song started with the opening verse..

“I’ve got a hand-me-down heart
Filled with second hand love 
It’s been weighing me down
So I’m selling it off
At a discounted rate
That nobody wants to pay” 

 I instantly thought “Wow! What great lyrics – who is singing and who wrote this???!!!” thanks to todays technology the radio screen informed me what the song in question was and who by… “When You Were Mine” by Taylor Henderson. I felt really glad for the boy I had come across a few times months and months ago half singing, half humming melodies while shopping. Sometimes you can just tell if someones got something in them, so the third time I heard him, I asked “you’re always humming, what are you humming?” “oh just practicing, I got through to the auditions again!” he said in a very humble manner – I pointed at him and said “sing it, boy!”  a las he was too shy to do so. Damn! now I have to pay to hear him sing in person.

Songs like this don’t come along very often in the Australian market, I’m still not quite over how amazing the lyrics are (written by  Taylor Henderson, Louis Schoorl, Hayley Warner and Alex Hope) its something I wish I had written! And if I were a singer I’d probably wish I had sung this folk and country tinged pop tune. The melodies and arrangements are delicate, intimate and organic with subtle key and tempo changes. Everything is just right in “When You Were Mine” its a breezy nostalgic musical moment about wanting to buy back time in hope of regaining and keeping lost love, sung with sincerity. Taylor – if you are still writing the album and have time, I’d love to write something with you for real. #download

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  1. mbm210 says:

    Thanks for your story about Taylor, I really enjoyed it and it’s beautifully written 🙂

  2. mbm210 says:

    Thanks for your story about Taylor Henderson and When You Were Mine, beautifully expressed, really enjoyed it

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