Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake : Love Never Felt So Good


The King of Pop’s music lives on (naturally) but not just his classics, Sony has released another posthumous album “Xscape” which consists of 8 previously unreleased tracks from different eras of Michael Jackson’s career. Lead single “Love Never Felt So Good” featuring Justin Timberlake is the best of the lot. A feel good dance number originally written with Paul Anka and recorded as a demo in 1983, “Love Never Felt So Good” has been re-mastered and updated by John McCalin for a more contemporary sound to fit in with today’s music.

Though Justin Timberlake’s musical imprint is subtly evident throughout the track, it remains unmistakably vintage Michael Jackson.  Its a welcome breath of fresh, breezy air for todays airwaves – a fitting reminder of Jackson’s brilliance in producing pop gems and his vast influence to artists like Timberlake. Love how much Michael Jackson’s vocal is in form, Love how well Justin Timberlake’s voice blends with Michael’s, Love the soulful, retro 1980’s disco feel. Love, Love, Love. #download

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