Austin Mahone : The Secret


Austin Mahone’s EP “The Secret” unfortunately sounds about a decade outdated and fails to have the hooks a pop collection should have. One saving grace from “The Secret” is a song called “All I Ever Need” – an airy and squishy ballad about being hopelessly in love and devoted to a lover – perfect for the sweet 16’s, first loves, young love and high school dances. The whole album is reminiscent of N*Sync and Backstreetboys back in their heydays, but unlike all the other tracks from Mahone’s EP, “All I Ever Need” sounds nostalgic of the 90’s yet current. More importantly “All I Ever Need” shows the artist Austin Mahone could potentially be given that he is nutured well and afforded the right producers and songwriters he should have. Justin Bieber you can breathe a sigh of relief – the void you left in the tween market when you decided to go cray-cray on us has not been filled just yet. #checkitout

“Don’t the water grow the trees
Don’t the moon pull the tide
Don’t the stars light the sky
Like you need to light my life
If you need me anytime
You know I’m always right by your side
See I’ve never felt this love
You’re the only thing that’s on my mind”

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