Jennifer Lopez : First Love


If her latest singles are to go by, Jennifer Lopez’s forthcoming album “AKA” is going to be a cracker of pop album.

The Latin singer wastes no time releasing her latest single “First Love” hot on the heels of her last single the infectious “I Luh Ya Papi” . Ms Lopez finds herself wishing she had skipped all the other loves who have come and gone from her life and found The One right from the beginning. Pop extraodinaire Max Martin lends a hand to keeps the bass and momentum of the track at an energetic phase with his big drums and synth hits production – while male supermodel David Gandy heats up the classicly made, sexy, steamy, black and white music video with J.Lo. Though “First Love” may be as repetitive and underperforming as “I Luh Ya Papi” it’s still yet another solid effort from Jennifer Lopez and I’ll be playig this track for weeks to come.#checkitout

“I wish you were my first love
‘Cause if you were first
Baby there would have been no second, third or fourth love”

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