Sia : Eye of the Needle


How fabulous it is to listen to an artist who have found their voice and their right place in the market. Australian musical genius, Sia has dropped a soaring ballad called “Eye of the Needle” from her forthcoming album “1000 Forms of Fear” – the absolutely brilliant poetic singer-songwriter who hails from Adelaide once again digs deep and taps into universal emotions many of her contemporaries are unable to tap into quite like her. For a few years now, I’ve thought that when Sia decides to release another album, it would be a contender for Album of the Year. While we wait and see what “1000 Forms of Fear” has instores for us – “Eye of the Needle” all but confirms that Sia is the Artist To Watch this year. #onrepeat #download

“Take me down 
I’m feeling now
And if I move on
I admit you’re gone
I ain’t ready
I’ll hold steady
I’ll hold you in my arms

You’re locked inside my heart
Your melody’s an art
I wont let the terror in I’m stealing time
Through the eye of the needle”

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