Prayer In C : Lilly Wood & The Prick (Robyn Schulz Remix)

Spring is upon us in Australia… so Life Under A Lucky Star HQ have slowly but surely been preparing and updating our playlists. One song we came across that is befitting for the season is “Prayer in the C” a collaboration between French duo Lilly Wood & The Prick and German DJ/Record label owner Robyn Schulz.

Its a funky, groove – worthy, mellow tune fitting for sunny Sunday Sessions by the water and/or afternoon cocktail parties by the lounge and balcony. While Lilly’s vocals pleasantly floats over and compliments the Spanish tinged retro acoustic guitar melody  – its Robyn Schulz’ deep and controlled beat production in this remix that gives “Prayer in the C” that something, something to make it a little bit more catchier and appealing. Its a breath of fresh air not to hear a big drop in a dance track for once. #checkitout #SpringSong

“Ya, you never said a word
you didn’t send me no letter
don’t think I could forgive you”

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