Taylor Swift : Welcome To New York

Welcome to a story of a little wide-eyed country girl, fresh off a cab and straight into the bright city lights of New York City. In this city, she learns to view the world and life in general from a different perspective and re-invents herself. Enter Taylor Swift the Pop star. Hashtag I ❤ NYC.

Another week, another new song from Taylor Swift’s soon to be released Pop album 1989 has been unleashed. Following in the success of previous 1989 tracks Shake It Off and Out Of The Woodis Welcome To New York – no prices in guessing that the track is an ode to the city that never sleeps. What is suprising though, is Taylor’s subtle salute to marriage equality.

Everybody here was someone else before / And you can want who you want / Boys and boys and girls and girls

Up until now Tay Tay has been carefully tight lipped about her views on gay relationships. Fair enough for a young lady who has been balancing Pop and Country music – one foot in a music genre where homosexual consumers are a major part of the market and her other foot firmly planted in a music genre where the topic of homosexuality, let alone same sex marriage are seldomly spoken of.

Musically, Welcome To New York falls short, however, the message of being proactive in finding happiness and confidence to be fearlessly comfortable with who you are and what you do is quite refreshing compared other gay oriented releases. Despite what other Pop figures may say, boys and girls, coming out doesn’t always equate to instant liberation and fabulousness. Coming out instantly equates into a different lifestyle – one that unfortunately still comes with a stigma and at times a very costly price.

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