The Script : No Good In Goodbye

Who’s been in a situation where you thought “damn! why did I walk away? Why didn’t we fight to make things right?

Whether its in relation to a falling-out with a good friend or a relationship that could’ve/should’ve lasted “if only” – it’s safe to say many of us have been down that road, right?

The Script’s beautifully written new single No Good In Goodbye from their great new album No Sound Without Silence delves with the aforementioned situation. Brilliantly executed and well polished, No Good In Goodbye is yet another testament that these boys are one of the most understated artists in world. Though it’s great to see that their artistry is growing along with their mainstream popularity. Can’t wait to sing-a-long to this tune when the lads tour Australia next year! #download

Where’s the “good” in goodbye? / Where’s the “nice” in nice try? / Where’s the “us” in trust gone? / Where’s the soul in “soldier on”? / Now I’m the low in lonely / Cos I don’t own you only / I can take this mistake / But I can’t take the ache from heartbreak

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