Tasha Cobbs : For Your Glory

The are days when you wake up and realise how thankful and lucky you are for the blessings you have been given. Here at Life Under A Lucky Star we’re, counting our many blessings this week and we are celebrating by having lots of laughs and Gospel music! So prefer yourselves, brothers and sisters, for some Gospel cleansing in coming posts from now on.

First up is Tasha Cobbs‘ “worship experience for anytime, any day” kind of song For Your Glory – a moving song which showcases Ms Cobbs’ delicate yet powerful vocal prowess, which she uses to full emotional capacity as she so eloquently ministers beautiful lyrics to her adoring listeners.

Whether you’ve just woken up and feel like worshipping, or you’re praying before you go to sleep, or you just need uplifting and praising –  this song is the one to do the job. #checkitout

For Your glory / I will do anything / Just to see you /To behold You as my King
Lord if I / Find favor in Your sight / Lord please /Hear my hearts cry

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