Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson : Home to Mamma

We don’t know about you, but here at Life Under A Lucky Star, we think it a HUGE deal to bring someone home to our Mamma’s place. It’s one thing to introduce someone over lunch or dinner somewhere – but to bring them into your Mamma’s place, damn! the person better be a keeper.

We can only imagine how hard it must be for Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber to pick the needle in millions adoring groupies a haystack to proudly bring home to their moms.

The two young artists have combined their charms and talent to tackle the subject matter in their promotional single Home to Mamma. Written and recorded during their studio sessions earlier this year, the John Mayer-esque acoustic ballad sees a stripped down Biebs and Cody. No auto-tune, no fancy productions – just the two young lads jamming and confessing their undying love to a girl way more than worth it. Checkout the Biebs do some vocal licks to compliment Cody’s guitar strums towards the end of the song, impressive! #download

I don’t work hard when it’s easyn / I put in work when it’s hard / Girl they never believed in love until I had yours / This is more than a season / And I’m not just sprung / I’m not afraid to tell you that you’re the one..

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