Oh Land : Nothing Is Over

Our team here at Life Under A Lucky Star came across a cute little song for the Holiday season called Nothing Is Over by Brooklyn based, Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land.

Nothing Is Over has Oh Land singing about a love that was – yet still lives inside, though you’ve both gone your separate ways. Yes, it’s the case of I’m still in love with my ex and the hope of having a chance to right the wrongs for another shot at a fairytale ending. It’s a bit of pop and indie with a sprinkle of the Holiday spirit, complete with harmonica! perfect for the coming Festive Season. #download

Fashion brand, Free People teamed up with Oh Land to style and produce the song’s music video, which showcases Oh Land‘s quirky sound and Free People‘s latest collection. Fashion & Music…combined! We love it. ❤

In your eyes, in your face / It’s like nothing has changed / And I want to believe that it isn’t too late / And our skin when we touch / It can still feel the rush / ‘Cause love still is here

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