Mark Ronson : Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars

The man behind the infectious re-make of Amy Winehouse‘s Valerie is back to give us all one of the most joyous songs to come out this year.

English musician, Mark Ronson has unleashed Uptown Funk featuring the uber talented Bruno Mars ahead of his upcoming fourth studio album. The lead single is a bass-heavy throwback jam which should have no problem in succeeding to pull the crowd into the dancefloor.

While the track brilliantly showcases Ronson‘s production skills, which Mars more than compliments with his gritty vocals, it’s Uptown Funk‘s appeal that is the best part of the song. Just as Pharrell did with his mammoth hit HappyMark Ronson has created a sound with mass appeal; a fun, friendly, feel-good tune for the young and old wiser to enjoy. Get amongst it everyone! #download

This one, for them hood girls / Them good girls / Straight masterpieces / Stylin’, while in / Livin’ it up in the city /Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent

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