One Direction : Night Changes

Nostalgic Romance is in the air as One Direction‘s Night Changes is serviced to radio stations as their new single going into the Holiday Season.

1D’s follow-up single to Steal My Girl sees the boys turn the lights down low and turn into romantic story-tellers, as they croon about how things can change oh-so very quickly. One moment everything’s perfect and heading in your ideal direction, then…Life happens and changes everything. Next thing you know, you’re sitting by yourself emotional, nostalgic and kicking yourself for not living in the moment.

Night Changes is everything a song should be at this time of the year; nice and simple that’s true and relatable with a touch of nostalgia to make us all cherish and appreciate incredible moments with all the amazing people in our lives, before all we’re left with are non-refundable memories to keep forever.  #download

We’re only getting older baby / And I’ve been thinking about you lately / Does it ever drive you crazy / Just how fast the night changes / Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of / Disappearing when you wake up / But there’s nothing to be afraid of / Even when the night changes / It will never change me and you

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