Quincy : Friends First featuring French Montana

American R & B singer, Quincy has just dropped quite a  jam in Friends First and Life Under A Luck Star is loving every single bit of its ol’ school vibe.

The single was originally slated for a January/February release, however, after playing the track to his step-father Sean “P.Diddy” Combs and getting some tweaking from the seasoned hitmaker – Quincy couldn’t resist giving himself an early Christmas present by dropping the dope single early.

Quincy croons about taking things slow with a girl and not rushing into anything sexual or a relationship. It’s all about getting to know each other first and being friends first then seeing where things may lead….well, well, well…what – a – gentleman. Old school love in the house everyone! And we’re feelin’ it. #download

If it’s ok with you / I just wanna cruise / And get to know you better / Coz no matter what we do / I just need you to know / That I can treat you better / Girl I ain’t looking for a Girlfriend / Girl I’m looking for a friend first

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