Taylor Swift : Style

Welcome to 2015’s next big hit, Style. Just when you thought Taytay‘s 1989 releases couldn’t get any better, comes THE best track from that album. Yes, catchier than Shake It Off and better than the hilariously honest Blank Space.

Style with a subtle like a sledgehammer hint of Harry Styles is yet another smash right out-of-the-park crossover from the former Country star. Taylor‘s ever growing mastery of songwriting flourishes as she confides of a love that never goes away or out of style.

You’ve got that James Dean daydream look in your eye / And I’ve got that red-lip classic thing that you like / And when we crashing down / We come back every time 

As her songwriting abilities continue to flourish, her talent and intuition are spot on in regards to evolving as an artist. Taylor Swift continues to provide fresh and modern music which keeps her ever expanding fanbase satisfied and happy. Ariana maybe be dubbed as the young Mariah Carey because of minute musical similarities…but when it comes to keeping their ear on the ground and giving the type of music the masses crave, it’s Taylor Swift who comes out swinging as the Mariah Carey hit machine of this generation. #download

Check out Taytay rule the catwalk with the Victoria’s Secret Angels and Style!

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