Skylar Grey : I Know You (from the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack)

As the build up to the World premiere of 50 Shades of Grey continues, excitement is also mounting for the release of its soundtrack which includes Beyonce‘s highly anticipated re-working of her #1 debut single Crazy In Love.

This week, we were treated to yet another song from the soundtrack, singer/songwriter and Paramore‘s front-woman Skylar Grey‘s I Know You.

The soft ballad sees Ms. Grey‘s vocals ache and bleed deperate emotions as it intertwines with the haunting orchestration of I Know You.

While this song is not bound to be a huge hit, it’s sure to tug on heartstrings all around the world, especially amongst those who have fought to help their partner let go of the bitter past and embrace commitment.

I believe, I believe you could love me / But you’re lost on a road to misery / And what I gave to you / I can never get back / Don’t complicate it, Don’t drive yourself insane / Say what you will but I know that you want to stay

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