Ariana Grande : One Last Time

Woohoo! Our favourite track from Ariana Grande‘s sophomore album My Everything has now been given the single treatment. One Last Time serves as the fourth single off the Grammy nominated album and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the pick.

Let’s face it, a good chunk of us have been in this baby let’s stay together, baby don’t give up on us, baby please come back kind of situations, yes? And whats a great way of getting over such heartbreaks? Dancing to booming and thumping tracks like One Last Night and singing along to the oh-so-close to reality lyrics.

I don’t deserve it / I know I don’t deserve it / But stay with me a minute / I swear I’ll make it worth it / Can’t you forgive me? / At least just temporarily / I know that this is my fault / I should’ve been more careful

We are so glad Ariana‘s team has finally decided to release a song where she is able to shine by herself un-aided by guest artists. A great weekend song and perfect single to showcase Ariana‘s obvious push for musical growth and experimentation in My Everything#download

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