Beyoncé : Crazy In Love (2014 Remix)

Ladies and gents…no matter what you are doing with your partner/s this Valentines Day; whether you’re going out to dinner, cooking dinner at home, going to the movies etc. We’ve got the song you need to play at some point of the night (especially after dessert) to propel things to another level something chronic.

Behold… Bey’s seductively alluring new version of her 2003 #1 hit single Crazy In Love. As it stands, the track is literally an exclusive for the Fifty Shades of Grey Motion Picture Soundtrack, that the track is an “album only” track on iTunes, which means consumers are unable to buy the song as a single track. Clever move to up the album sales, bad for Beyoncé‘s strong propects of scoring another #1 hit.

Fans of the worldwide book series will be glad to hear that Crazy In Love 2014 captures the mystery and sinistry of the Red Room, the alluring innocence of Anastacia Steele and the moody, seductive charms of Mr. Grey. It literally is everything you could’ve hoped and expected from the new version. We love, love, love it! #download

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