Miguel : Coffee (F—ing) featuting Wale

miguel-coffee-lifeunderaluckystar-krisscondebolosMiguel has been brewing up a new album for quite some time now and he’s just served up a song in support of his upcoming album Wildsheart which is due out later this year.

While most people need a nice and strong coffee hit in the morning to last for the rest of the day, Miguel offers something a little bit more enticing for his female friend of the morning, sex…Coffee (F—cking) and we have a feeling a lot of our male readers would prefer this sort of pick-me-up first thing in the morning too.

Rapper Wale adds a few verses just in case the singer hasn’t made it clear that morning sex is in fact, the shiz.

‘Sup baby, ain’t mean to wake you / I can put you back to sleep if that’s a consolation / And I’m tired of waiting, so no more disappointment / I‘m not your regular Joe, I’ll be your coffee in the morning

Ladies get ready to feel all sorts of sensual, fellas get ready feel suave and fly – Coffee (F—ing) is everything one would expect from the ever so alluring Miguel a song which oozes sex appeal, with smooth vocals and lyrics which screams out IT – IS – ONNNNNN. We’ve missed your music Miguel please don’t ever go away for that long again.

I wish I could paint our love / These moments and vibrant hues / Love play, turns in to gun play / Gun play turns into pillow talk / Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams / Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning

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