I AM D : Girls In The City

Welcome the future of Australian Hip-Hop music.

Brisbane based rapper I AM D embodies everything that has been lacking in the Australian urban music scene for quite some time – great material, authenticity, incredible delivery and major cross-over commercial appeal. The talented young rapper has just dropped a track that is bound to command attention and signal a warning to the rest of the Australian Urban music community that a new kid has just laid his claim on the block and he’s got talent and enough grit and passion to stay.

With great production and cheeky, flirtatious lyrics that’s enough to make a girl blush and perhaps invite a guy to her boudoir – Girls In The City is one irresistibly catchy track that is just screaming major airplay and club appeal.

We at Life Under A Lucky Star HQ have been lucky enough to have been given this track a couple of months in advance and we have loved it since. Click here and have a listen to understand why this track is on constant high rotation in our HQ and why we believe this young man has the incredible potential to change the Australian Hip-Hop landscape.

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