Charlie Puth : Marvin Gaye featuring Meghan Trainor

“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” ever had anyone try to woo you with that one liner? We certainly haven’t and we’re still undecided if it’s cringe worthy or not. Luckily for Charlie Puth we don’t need to think twice whether we like his catchy collab with Meghan Trainor or not.

Released way back in April, it’s taken 3 months and a worldwide #1 hit with Whiz Khalifa (a not-so-little song called See You Again) to finally gain some well deserved traction to Charlie‘s cute little track Marvin Gaye. We can’t wait to hear more from this versatile young artist – seriously Charlie, that voice needs to be heard more. #download

We got this king size to ourselves / Don’t have to share with no one else / Don’t keep your secrets to yourself / It’s kama sutra show and tell / There’s loving in your eyes / That pulls me closer / It’s so subtle / I’m in trouble

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