Carrie Underwood : Smoke Break


There’s a few things in life an adult just needs sometimes; to be alone in silence, a stiff drink, sex and a smoke…on a really bad day, all of the above in no particular order.

Carrie Underwood stirs a touch of controversy with her new single Smoke Break which some has labelled as “pro-smoking” luckilyΒ most of us get where the gal is coming from. Who hasn’t had a long day, week, month or even a longΒ year?! C’mon guys!

It’s another classic Underwood song; strong storyteller vocals and good ‘ol honest country lyrics. #checkitout

She said, “I don’t drink” / “But sometimes I need a stiff drink” / “Sipping from a high, full glass” / “Let the world fade away” / She said, “I don’t smoke” / “But sometimes I need a long drag” / “Yeah, I know it might sound bad” / “But sometimes I need a smoke break”

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