Sara Bareilles : She Used To Be Mine

A wise, bald man once said to us at Life Under A Lucky Star “Sometimes…Life happens” something we always remember when the going gets tough but the show that is life must go on.

Indeed life does happen sometimes and for better or for worst it hits you by surprise all the time as it passes by ever so quickly. Sara Bareilles’ new song She Used To Be Mine is an achingly beautiful reminder of this.

The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter recently said that she fell more in love with songwriting while writing for the broadway adaptation of The Waitress – a 2007 motion picture starring Keri Russell.

As a result Bareilles releases what could possibly be her best work yet, her new song is a stirring tale of a person’s fight through their personal demons, regrets and struggles.

She Used To Be Mine is a beautifully crafted song which begs to be heard in all its glory. The lyrics, the narrative, the powerful storytelling of Saras vocal performance and the brilliant melody. Sara Bareilles you’re amazing and this song is amazing. #download

She’s imperfect but she tries / She is good but she lies / She is hard on herself / She is broken and won’t ask for help / She is messy but she’s kind / She is lonely most of the time / She is all of this mixed up / And baked in a beautiful pie / She is gone but she used to be mine

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