Carrie Underwood : Storyteller

Storyteller…what a fitting title for a country album by Carrie Underwood – the voice behind songs such as Jesus Take The Wheel, Temporary Home, Before He Cheats and Wasted just to name a few.

Carrie returns for the first time as a mother with a new album which sees the country music superstar experiment with the old and the new country sound as she begins to grow as an artist and pay more attention to musical details. Though Underwood doesn’t quite deliver as hard as she may have in the past and tends to stay on the safer side with Storyteller, she still delivers some shining moments. Checkout our top picks from the album.

If there is one song to download from this album it has to be What I Never Knew I Wanted – an ode to marriage and motherhood which reminds us of Shania Twain’s Forever and For Always. The sheer clarity in her voice sparkles as she sings about finding unconditional love. #download

How time flies and before you know it you’re wishing you could go back in time kinda upbeat song Little Girl Don’t Grow Up Too Fast is a great reminder to the yolo generation to take it easy, slowdown, take less selfies, spend less time looking at social media and just enjoy being a kid. #download

The vengeful domestic violence nodding Church Bells is sure to be a future country radio hit. #checkitout

Like I’ll Never Love You Again is the love song you would love to hear Carrie Underwood sing in all her happily-ever-after sincerity. #download

The Girl You Think I am is an ode to fathers all around the globe from one big ‘ol Daddy’s little girl. Who wouldn’t want to sing a song like this if you’re father is everything the lyrics depict?

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