Ellie Goulding : Army

Ellie Goulding just keeps giving out the love and releasing new songs ahead of her new album’s release and we are absolutely loving most of what we’re hearing from the Love Me Like You Do songstress.

Goulding’s official second Delirium era single is Army – What begins as a soft guitar-pop serenade, turns into an anthemic proclamation of unconditional love by the time the ginormous chorus production comes along and soars.

Army is yet another massive pop song (HUGE) with an epic build-up and great lyrics about standing formidably side by side with that one person who has always been and always will be there with you through thick and thin – wether it be a friend, a lover or family member some of us are lucky enough to have one.

What more can we say about this track? we love, love, love it so much that we even include her stripped down Live From Abbey Road version. #download

16 and you never even judged me / Matter of fact I always thought you were too cool for me / Sitting there in the caravan / All the nights we’ve been drunk on the floor / And yet you understand / Yeah like no one can / We both know what they say about us / But they don’t stand a chance because

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