Pia Mia : Touch

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what it do…and sometimes all a girl wants is not chocolate or diamonds, she just wants to be touched.

One of our favourite young artists Pia Mia is back and she’s feelin’ frisky in her new single Touch. After heating things up with her Chris Brown and Tyga collaboration Do It Again, Pia goes back to her island roots while combining indie music and EDM.

Yup! that’s right baes bye-bye to the pop-urban formula which has serviced Ms. Mia well in the past and say hello to the new Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean / Sorry and Jack U – Where Are You Now sounding Pia Mia. Love that you’re mixing it up, girl. But please don’t stray too far from the Pia sound we’ve come to love, especially if it sounds more like a filler than single.

Cuddling up to the body pillow / I’m trying not to call you / Cause I don’t want to miss you no more / Every now and then I get a little lonely / I can hold myself / But no it’s not the same thing / Need to feel the pressure somewhere on my body

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