Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani : Go Ahead and Break My Heart


go-ahead-and-break-my-heart-blake-shelton-gwen stefani-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos
Courtesy of The Voice

Oh love and the many wondrous and beautiful things it creates…especially when it knocks you off your feet and high-fives you straight in the heart when you least expect it.

Country star Black Shelton’s  collaboration with his uber-cool partner Gwen Stefani is the very definition of the above statement. Go Ahead and Break My Heart is a charming song about unexpectedly finding love while still wiping away the pain and tears of a broken relationship.

Black Shelton has never sounded so romantic and it’s a big call but I’m going to say it, Gwen Stefani has never sounded so good. The best I have ever heard her; cool, sexy, relaxed and sultry (as usual) with a touch of you know….a whole lot of LOVE. This country-pop duet is reminiscent of the Shania Twain era and it is absolutely gorgeous; from the lyrics, to the romantic arrangement and beautiful vocals effortlessly intertwining together, it’s Amore and it’s how music should be.

This song is definitely on high rotation in my playlist and love hearts are flying everywhere everytime I hear it. J’Adore  ❤

I never ever meant to get so into you / Thought I was using you just to get me through / You know I’m broken I don’t trust anyone / Last thing I needed was to fall in love / You got me dreaming got me thinking I got some hope / There is nobody and someone to get to know / But I’m so scared I don’t know what to do / How did you get me so into you



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