The Veronicas : In My Blood

“It’s that elated, euphoric feeling of love at first sight.” 

As soon as I read The Veronicas describe their new single with the above quote, I instantly thought “Mmmm this is interesting, I have to listen to this song” I mean…who doesn’t love that feeling, right??!!

I didn’t have much time in between the stresses of jobs and exams, so I quickly downloaded the song just as I was leaving my apartment to get my beloved caramel latté before an exam. I pressed play as sipped on my extra hot coffee (made by a very lustful European barista) and boy-oh-boy it was love from the very first beat to the last. Flashbacks of past fleeting moments, romances and weekend lovers came rushing in as I was enveloped with euphoria from In My Blood.

You’re the hallelujah on my throne….

The Australian twins along with the boys from DNA Music does it again and delivers one of the best tracks of their career so far. From the huge, synth-heavy production to the best lyrics they have written and their controlled delivery, In My Blood is a stone-cold winner. I would be very surprised if this song doesn’t sky-rocket into #1 at the ARIA Charts. This song needs a very big push for the American Summer Song title. #download

I just want us to unite / Feel the needle on my forty-five / Live like we are running out of time / Just take me there, take me there / Grind you down into my bones / You’re the magic dust that gets me stoned / You’re the hallelujah on my throne / Baby stay with me, stay with me

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