Britney Spears : Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)



Hey there Brit, Brit! Welcome back girl, I’ve really missed our pop moments together.

Britney Spears delivers a slower than usual album launcher in the form of Make Me…featuring G-Eazy. While her comeback last year was stalled with the I-G-G-Y collab Pretty Girls, it’s safe to say, she’s finally, really, most definitely back with an iTunes #1 single to boot.

Unless you’re a die-hard Spears fan, Make Me…may take a few listens (and then some) before the appreciation starts to sink in. It’s definitely more of a nice mood song than an instant replay kinda song. Can’t wait to hear what else she’s been cooking up for the past two years of putting together her next album #B9. #checkitout

Friday, I’m dreaming a mile a minute ’bout somebody (This feeling, I wanna go with it, cause there’s no way) / We’re hiding away from this tonight, oh, this tonight / Can tell you want me… / By the way I see you starin’ ‘cross the room, babe / No shame in the game / Just cut the shit, be honest…Yeah, you know what you gotta do tonight.

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