Bon Iver : 10. 00000 Million

Bon - Iver-00000-Million-lifeunderaluckystar-kriscondebolos.jpg

No words or reviews needed. This song is right up there with Bon Iver‘s classic Skinny Love. So sit back, close your eyes and relax while you listen to this blissful track made for wandering and reflecting. An absolute dark horse for the Grammy Awards. Just beautiful.  #Download

Must’ve been forces, that took me on them wild courses / Who knows how many poses, that I’ve been in / But the main closest, hark! it gives meaning Mine / I cannot really post this, AH feel the signs / I worried bout rain and i worried bout lightning / But I watched them off, to the light of the morning / Marking the slope, slung low in the highlands / Where the days have no numbers / If it’s harmed, it’s harmed me, it’ll harm, I let it in

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