Mariah Carey : I Don’t featuring YG


The Queen of Christmas and comebacks is to perform live on TV once again after a short hiatus from the limelight following her now infamous New Years Eve fiasco.

Mariah Carey is scheduled to perform her James Packer inspired new heartbreak cut I Don’t at The Jimmy Kimmel show this week.

I Don’t is a skittering and slick R&B track with a throwback vibe (thanks to Donnell Jones’ Where I Wanna Be) which features rapper YG. Never the foul-mouthed diva, Carey sprinkles us yet again with glittery #boybye lyrics that are as subtle as a sledgehammer veiled underneath her ethereal whispery vocals.

Did she really burn her custom Valentino would-be wedding dress? Who cares, she clearly kept the huge ring and she got a slick new single out of the break-up with a toyboy to boot. #checkitout

And I’m tired of cryin’, no more tears / Pity party of the year / Cold at night ’cause you’re not here / Leaving you was my worst fear / I was caught up, I was… blind / You kept playin’ with my… mind / Told you I’m finished, gassed up the whip and…Rear view, bye

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