John Legend & Ariana Grande : Beauty and the Beast


As the highly anticipated theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast’s modern iteration approaches, Walt Disney has enlisted Ariana Grande and John Legend to revive the fairytales’ epic theme song.

It was always going to be a monumental task to capture the magic Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson created when the two veterans gave us the animated classic’s original theme song of the same name.

Unfortunately, the modern take falls short of soaring into the stratosphere just as the original did. Although there is no denying Ariana and John‘s well-known talents, their vocals just doesn’t seem to quite blend and fit together in this track.

At the end of the song I am left thinking… I like me some Miss Grande but did Beyoncé turn down this duet with John Legend? Because it seems like its a no brainer that Queen B should’ve sung this with him. Now that would have been epic! #checkitout

Just a little change / Small, to say the least / Both a little scared / Neither one prepared / Beauty and the beast / Ever just the same / Ever a surprise / Ever as before / Ever just as sure / As the sun will rise

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