Lana Del Rey : Love


If you’re an old schooler it’s the first letter or phone call, if you’re part of today’s globalised youth then it’s the first FB/Instagram/Text/Snapchat message from your sweetheart. Then comes the first date, first kiss, then the oh-so-sweet I love you’s under the summer sky as the breeze whispers promises. Ugh! teenage Heaven is bliss as F. If I were to go back in time I would advice my teenage self to just enjoy the fleeting transaction that is young love and not to worry about anything else. 

Lana Del Rey captures all of the above in her new song Love – an ode to young lovers romance. This beautiful ballad is a must listen… J’adore. #download

But you get ready, you get all dressed up / To go nowhere in particular / Back to work or go the coffee shop / It don’t matter because it’s enough / To be young and in love / To be young and in love

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